Future Me 2020- Big Vision Event

Ladies, following the complimentary campaign above which is running for the entire month of January, we are bringing the show to real life on Sunday, 16/02/20 at Kindred Art Space in Frankston.

This ‘hands on’ event is aimed at taking the campaign a step further and demonstrating how to BE better in 2020 so that feeling better, doing better and having better in life comes to you with ease, grace & glory.

You deserve it!

Ticket price to the big event gives you access to an abundance of Inspirational Speakers on our Wellness Stage plus:

Access to our Wellness School Room to learn new tools for your Future Me,

Access to our Wellness Retreat Room to learn stress management, energy alignment & relaxation techniques for your Future Me…

Access to the AreekeerA Healing Room to be introduced and learn from Medical Intuitive Julie Lewin.

Your ticket price also includes a Complimentary 15-Minute Oracle/Healing Reading.

How does it get any better than that?

Ready to say "hello" to your Future Me?

Ladies, are you guilty of this? 

Making new promises and resolves at the beginning of the year to change or do better in some area of your life, but, somewhere towards the end of the month or by the middle of the year you have lost the motivation, the momentum and you have lost sight of the goal.

We think this is due to a lack of support, a lack of self-empowerment, and a lack of vision building & manifesting tools.

A strong Inner Circle is so important when it comes to making positive changes in your life. Ever tried to change but found a lot of naysayers, pessimists and cynics rise up around you?

Question yourself ladies …

How would it feel if you had a team of Encouragers behind you and beside you,

…Paving the way before you, 

…Uplifting & Inspiring, 

…And committed to showing you how to find your purpose, tap into your passion, and walk the path carved out especially for you the moment you were born?

Your Future Me awaits you!

Do you find that you make time for everyone else's needs and wants in life and always run out of time for you?

Isn’t it time you made the time to honour You, 

…to truly blossom & bloom in this life, 

…and uncover, discover and recover the person you were born to be, 

…in answer to your Soul’s calling?

We are waiting to embrace & support your Future Me!

Self-love is a journey. Are you ready to take the first step in that direction ladies,

…Gain access to a fabulous panel of Leading Experts in spiritual, holistic, and wellness health & wellbeing 

…Be gifted with many complimentary programs throughout the month of January for life improvement, spiritual development and self understanding 

…Join a tribe of like-minded ladies connecting in mind, body, heart & soul to grow better, be better, do better and have better in 2020.

Women empowering women!

Take these steps now ladies, and you’ll be opening the door to receiving in 2020 all the abundance you seek in all areas of life you have your heart set on!


We want to show you how.

Together everyone achieves more!

Come and meet your Team of Encouragers ladies. 

Our Founder


Michele Scott is the Founder of Our Wellness Community and also a Meditation Teacher, Mindset Coach & Numerologist. Michele creates relationships with her clients to help them figure out the answers to the same questions she asked herself as a teenager. “Who am I?”. “What is my purpose?” “Why am I here?”

After spending a couple of decades in the personal development and life coaching field Michele knows what builds lasting happiness – “and it’s not found in what we do, or in how we look and what we own,” Michele says. “It’s about your inner world and a self-appreciating relationship that goes up in value. When you know, understand and believe in yourself, you fall into grace and ease and truly begin to walk the path that has been carved out especially for you.”

Michele is also a Radio Talk Show Host presenting Wellness Conversations on Casey Radio 97.7FM & ‘the Woo Woo Series’ on Facebook at Spiritual Events Directory Page,

Join OWC here:

Our Collaborators


Angela Maree – Heal.Thy Money Co

Chartered Accountant (20+ years!), money mindset coach, best-selling author, lightworker, pilates instructor, health and nutrition coach, founder of Heal.Thy Money Co and creator of the Heal Thy Money Mindset Method. Angela has contributed her expertise in money and spirituality to magazines, blogs, podcasts, YouTube and radio shows both in Australia and internationally.

Ema Muir – Unique Phoenix

Ema Muir is a Transformation & Life Coach, helping you release resistance in all areas to live without limits. Ema says, “my purpose is to ignite a spark in you so that you can see the possibilities in every part of your life.” Ema teaches tools that support the individual to continually grow, learn, reinvent. To rise up, raise their voice and to seek solutions through emotional intelligence, clear communication and independent free thinking.

Gemma Rose Green, Raw & Real Goddess

Gemma Rose Green is a Psychic Intuitive Energy Healer specialising in Generational & Ancestral Healing. Gemma creates inclusive, attainable, practical ways of healing the past, present and future, through energy work, psychic connections, mediumship, intuitive conversation and communication, coaching and mentoring. Gemma is an Author, Writer, Creator & Witchy Woman dedicated to educating, inspiring, motivating and empowering thriving environments that support expansive expression, limitless living and flourishing families.

Karen Anne Field – Kazbah Designs

Karen is a Spiritual Teacher, Artist & Creatrix. Karen has been a student of metaphysics, natural therapies and wellness modalities for many years, learning to implement the energies of Attention, Intention and Focus both spiritually and physically. Karen is also an intuitive card reader linking in with Clairaudience and her spiritual guides.

Karina Francois Naturopath

Karina Francois Naturopath is a Public Speaker, Entrepreneur and Author.  Karina has two businesses – Infinite Health Practice and CleanHerbals Co. – and loves teaching nutrition and is super passionate about herbal tonics.  Karina is a trained herbalist, homeopath, massage therapist, pilates instructor and biopuncturist and strongly believes that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.  Karina’s purpose on this earth is to support others in their Health of Mind, Body and spirit.

Kiara Jade – KDIndustry Relationship Goals

Kiara is a relationship dynamics consultant and her mission is to help women get past their blocks and patterns that are holding them back and keeping them stuck in subpar relationships. Having had her own abusive relationship at a young age and working through the pain and fear that came with the aftermath of it to being alone to now being in her most respectful relationship ever, she’s well placed to help women on their own journeys finding their way back to love.

Margaret Ioannidis- Spiritess

Margaret Is an Alchemist Healer & Co-Author of The Inspiration Bible. Margie’s healing abilities include Forensic Healing, Reiki Mastery & Access Bars. Margie’s deep intuitive & psychic ability helps her to read the body and people, and her big vision is to assist women and coaches to choose and allow their process of healing and for it to be at their pace. Margie says, “I empower women by showing them they have the power and the potency to achieve all that they choose.”

Nik Chung - The Fearless Messaging Coach

Nik is an Empowerment Coach. Nik say’s, “I help women to express their authentic, unique and whole selves and see that as their strength, their power and their influence. I love supporting women in wellness businesses to reach their goals and thrive, by doing just that – being themselves!”

Prasanna Diana Manuela – Elemental Woman™

Prasanna Diana Manuela is an International Speaker, Feminine Prosperity Creatrix and International Bestselling Author of Elemental Woman™. Prasanna works with conscious and creative female entrepreneurs who want to Awaken their Heart’s Calling into every detail of their life and business.

Sandra Reiser – Balanced & Scented – Relaxation Massage

Sandra says, “I’ve absolutely enjoyed working as a massage therapist for the past 25 years and the connections I’ve formed with many of my clients.” This work has been complemented by various meditation practices such as Vipassana and Transcendental Meditation along with Sandra’s interest and passion in women’s wellness to include the facilitating of women’s circles. Sandra is also an AreekeerA Healer, a new form of energy healing aiding & assisting women of all ages.

Sondre Callec- Feminine Power & Prosperity

Sondré is a corporate escapee, spiritual entrepreneur, Founder of Feminine Power & Prosperity and Creatrix of The Wealthy Goddess Code, wife, mother and freedom seeker. The Wealthy Goddess Code is a simple 7 steps to help female entrepreneurs bring their life changing gifts to the world with a proven framework designed to align their purpose and passion with prosperity. Sondre works with conscious entrepreneurs who feel like they are giving their gifts away and who are ready to take charge of their leadership and charge for their gifts.

Our Special Guest


We are so thrilled to have this gifted, experienced and knowledgeable lady on board for our Future Me 2020 Big Vision Event!

Julie Lewin is known as a ‘medical intuitive’ and ‘architect of healing’ who has appeared on TV shows like “The Extraordinary” and hosted her own radio show – Heal Me Radio with CBS Sky Radio in the US. She is an author and inspirational speaker with a Bachelor in Metaphysical Humanistic Science. Julie has spent 35 years sharing her healing gift with people from elite athletes to cancer survivors to people with long term, unresolved pain. She herself has survived cancer and was told she would never speak again after her cancer surgery damaged 95% of her left vocal chord. Together with specific speech therapy, she used her healing gift to repair her vocal chords and is able to join us today to share her story and tell us more about her healing techniques and AreekeerA® self-care program.

AreekeerA®, is a self-care program that teaches people to heal themselves and is an open invitation to take control of your health, happiness and wellbeing … And begin the journey to truly know yourself!


Ladies here’s the Early Bird price: $89
(This goes up to $99 leading up to the Event in February).

Our Schedule of Programs

Sign up to our Future Me 2020 Campaign and you gain access to a private group on Facebook and a powerful portal for inspiration, empowerment and all the vital tools you need to achieve and accomplish your wildest dreams in the new year.

These mini programs running throughout the month of January are all complimentary, courtesy of our fabulous Collaborators, and offer you the opportunity to sample our products & services and utilise the power of what we know so you too can grow better in body, mind, heart & soul in 2020.

Click below for a PDF version and a full schedule of programs we are running online in January, 2020 before the real life event on Sunday, 16/02/20.

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